Agricultural Economics - BS, Food Marketing Systems Option

The Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics, with an option in Food Marketing Systems is designed to assist in the development of economic theory and quantitative analysis skills that students can apply to analyze and communicate about the food marketing issues in Texas, the nation, and the world.  Students apply analytical skills to address operations involved in movement of agricultural commodities from farmer to consumer via several intermediaries; functions involve buying, selling, transportation, storage, financing, grading, pricing and risk bearing; agricultural supply chain or value chain is studied in detail; marketing aspects of commodities and differentiated goods.  A student’s educational experience is further enriched with supportive high impact opportunities such as business and industry internships, study abroad, directed studies and research, industry professional mentorship, and participation in prestigious sales competitions such as the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) student competition.

Graduates are trained for a wide variety of jobs in agricultural and non-agricultural oriented businesses, firms, and agencies in both the public and private sectors. The program prepares students to continue on to graduate school, or pursue the 5-year combined program (BS AGEC and MPS PSAA) with the Bush School of Government and Public Service.  The flexibility in the program allows a student to specialize in an area such as sales.  These students end up joining major agriculture, non-agriculture and technology sales firms.

The BS in Agricultural Economics with a Food Marketing Systems option is also offered at the Texas A&M Higher Education Center in McAllen, Texas.