Transition Academic Programs

Transition Academic Programs

Transition Academic Programs (TAP) provides academic advising and administrative support for students transitioning between majors, as well as programming for students transitioning from high school to college. Campus-wide TAP programs include the Texas A&M-Blinn TEAM co-enrollment partnership with Blinn College (TEAM), the Aggie Gateway to Success provisional admission program (Gateway), and the General Studies transitional major.

Academic Advising for Students in Transition

Students in the TEAM and Gateway programs are supported by TAP academic advisors for the length of those programs.  Continuing students approved to enter TAP for one semester to qualify for entry to a different degree-granting major are temporarily classified as “General Studies” majors. A TAP academic advisor will help each General Studies student develop a realistic academic plan for transitioning into a specific major and progressing toward timely graduation.

Aggie Gateway to Success

Qualified students are selected for provisional admission by the Office of Admissions to participate in the Aggie Gateway to Success (AGS or Gateway) program as General Studies students.  Students participating in this mandatory program are assigned 6 hours of University Core Curriculum courses plus a study skills class during the second summer session (July-August) prior to their first fall semester at Texas A&M University. They participate in peer-mentor led groups and must reside on campus during the summer. Participating students must attend a designated New Student Conference. Gateway students may apply for summer Financial Aid.

Students who pass all assigned summer courses with at least a 2.0 grade point average and no failing grades earn the right to continue as fully admitted students for the fall semester. They gain the opportunity to earn acceptance into any major program for which they meet regular change of curriculum requirements. Gateway students are advised by Transition Academic Programs advisors about the best way to complete these requirements.

The Texas A&M-Blinn TEAM Program

The Texas A&M-Blinn TEAM Program ("TEAM") is a collaborative, co-enrollment partnership between Texas A&M University and Blinn College. To be considered for selection to the TEAM program, a prospective student must apply for regular freshman admission and meet all admission criteria. Participating TEAM students enroll in a minimum of 12 total credit hours per semester, divided between Texas A&M and Blinn. TEAM students are able to transition into degree-granting majors at Texas A&M via the change of curriculum process if they satisfy benchmark credit and grade point criteria at both schools, and complete departmental entry requirements. It is sometimes possible for TEAM students to transition to full enrollment at A&M in less than two years. TEAM students are able to access student services and programs on both campuses, to include participation in the Corps of Cadets and Greek Life.  They may apply for on-campus housing at A&M, as well as financial aid (based upon their combined credit hours from both schools).

FOCUS Learning Community

LAUNCH promotes student success by providing high impact educational experiences. LAUNCH challenges motivated students in all academic disciplines to graduate from an enriched, intellectually-stimulating curriculum.

LAUNCH joins the university community in making Texas A&M a welcoming environment for all individuals. We are committed to helping our students understand the cultures which set us apart and appreciate the values that bring us together.

As a LAUNCH: Learning Community, FOCUS offers first-year Regents’ Scholarship recipients a full-year experience while they build Foundations of Continued Undergraduate Success (FOCUS). During the first year on campus, FOCUS students delve into connection, achievement, respect and exploration as guiding principles for personal development and individual responsibility in university life.  Students meet weekly in one In-FOCUS Session of UGST 181 (zero-credit, S/U) each semester and benefit from professional staff guidance, undergraduate Community Leaders, and monthly activities. FOCUS offers the option of joining an interest-centered track. Tracks require more student commitment during the year but provide additional opportunities for field-specific activities, mentoring by faculty or professional school students, and higher levels of interaction. FOCUS students are required to live in the Constellation Living-Learning Program in Clements and Haas Halls and to participate in FOCUS orientation sessions prior to fall semester. Regents’ Scholars register for the program through the Living-Learning Programs application in the Residence Life housing portal during the spring prior to enrolling at Texas A&M University. Students who are not eligible for Regents’ Scholarships may register and request placement on the wait list. 

First-generation students who are not Regents' Scholarship recipients are invited to apply for participation in Ignite. Ignite offers peer mentoring, a weekly seminar, professional guidance and monthly activities as well as participation in the Constellation Living-Learning Program. For information on LAUNCH's other scholarship-based learning communities, please visit