Chemistry - BS

The BS program in Chemistry is arranged so that a student obtains a comprehensive, solid foundation in all of the major branches of chemistry, combined with a suitable measure of individual flexibility. The latter objective is met in part by a strong emphasis on involving the undergraduate BS chemistry major in exciting, innovative, state-of-the-art research programs. Most students in the BS program become involved in research during their junior year and continue this until graduation. Students frequently receive research scholarships and fellowships, which include opportunities for summer research programs. It is not uncommon for an undergraduate chemistry major to be a coauthor of scientific publications in major research journals before graduation.

Undergraduate chemistry research activities involve substantial use of modern scientific equipment, including major instrumentation. The student involved in this activity also gains considerable insight into the profession by means of substantial individual contact with chemistry department faculty.

The BS degree in Chemistry is the appropriate program for students planning advanced degree programs in chemistry, biochemistry, forensics, chemical physics and other fields. Students planning careers in chemical industry should also choose the BS degree in Chemistry. Students may wish to choose electives suggested in the biological or environmental chemistry tracks. This degree program satisfies fully the accreditation requirements of the American Chemical Society.