Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Human Resource Development

This degree of the Educational Human Resource Development (EHRD) program prepares individuals for professional work settings and faculty positions in research and teaching colleges and universities. It also offers a variety of courses in which a student may choose to emphasize areas essential for the knowledge and skills necessary to meet your goals. 

The EHRD program with an emphasis in Adult Education (AE) aims to develop practitioners and scholars who are critically reflective, learner-centered, and committed to social justice. AE emphasis prepares individuals to administer programs and educate/teach/empower adults in various organizational, community, and workplace settings, along with research significant lifelong learning, AE, and workforce development topics.

The EHRD program with an emphasis in Human Resource Development (HRD) aims to provide students with expertise for improving learning and performance in the individual, group, organizational, and international contexts. HRD emphasis prepares individuals to become educated scholars and practitioners in career development, training and development, and organization development.

Steps to Fulfill a Doctoral Program