Nursing - BSN, Traditional BSN

The traditional BSN track requires the successful completion of prerequisite coursework prior to beginning upper-division courses.  Academic advisors will be able to advise students regarding equivalencies to common course numbers. Information is also available regarding courses at and through the Texas A&M Transfer Course Equivalency.

Applicants with a previous bachelor’s degree may apply to either the traditional BSN track or the second-degree BSN track (offered in Round Rock, Texas) and must follow the same requirements as noted above.

Entry to the Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Admission to the College of Nursing professional program is competitive.

Admission decisions are based on:

  • The strength of multiple elements in the student’s academic background
  • Minimum grade of C in each prerequisite course and a recommended minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • One Nursing  CAS application completed by the published deadline for the desired admission term. All academic information included on the application must be posted to and appear in a student's official record at Texas A&M.
  • HESI A2 score – minimum score of 75% in each required section
  • Timed verbal and written assessments of the student’s attributes and experiences, to include community service, leadership, work experience, and activities in health care
  • Limited number of course repeats, withdraws, or failures in academic history

Internal Applicants

An Internal Applicant is a current Texas A&M University undergraduate in a non-nursing major who meets specific requirements to apply to the upper division course sequence in nursing. Meeting requirements does not guarantee admission but allows a student the opportunity to apply for entry to the nursing program. 

Students must submit the application no later than the published deadline in the term in which they are applying.  Note: All academic information included on the application must be posted to and appear in a student's official record at Texas A&M. 

External Transfer Applicants

External Transfer Applicants from colleges and universities outside of Texas A&M University may be considered for admission through the competitive application process.  

Current Texas A&M University students who will earn a bachelor's degree prior to the start date should also follow this process when applying for either the traditional or second-degree program. 

Students participating in the Program for Transfer Admission (PTA) must follow the external transfer process found here.