Office for Student Success

The Office for Student Success is committed to the retention, success, and timely graduation of all students at Texas A&M University through first-year, first-generation, and undergraduate initiatives that address academic and financial obstacles. As an extension of the Office of the Provost, the Office for Student Success offers assistance if you need help but don’t know where to start. Our office provides:

  • Hullabaloo U: This FREE first-semester experience course (zero credit hours) is designed to help freshmen transition to college and make Aggieland feel like home. Each 25-student section meets regularly for 50 minutes with their faculty/staff instructor and student peer mentor to discuss topics such as adjusting to college life, taking advantage of campus resources, and contributing to our diverse and inclusive environment as a member of the Aggie community.  Some experiences may extend for a second semester. Read more:
  • The Help Desk: Online and in-person, the Help Desk network of advisors works with students, faculty, and staff to overcome barriers between students and timely graduation. Read more:
  • The First-Gen Center: First-generation college students are invited to visit the First-Gen Center to utilize resources, receive support, and attend first-gen events throughout their undergraduate career. Read more:
  • The Navigate Student app: Make every semester count with the Navigate Student app. Designed to get you from NSC to graduation, students can see their class schedule, explore campus resources, schedule advising appointments, keep up with deadlines, receive pre-registration hold alerts, and much more. Available in the App Store and Google Play. Read More:

The Office for Student Success is located in Hotard Hall – across the street from Northside Garage. Visit for more information about our office, mission, and initiatives and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for student success news, stories, and events on campus.