Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Management (PHPM) and Juris Doctor (JDLW) Combined Degree Program

The School of Law and the School of Public Health have combined to offer students the ability to receive both a Juris Doctor (JD) degree and a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in Health Policy and Management (PHPM) in four years. Law is one of the most powerful public health tools, making this a potent degree combination. Laws shape cities, neighborhoods, and individual behavior. Whether it is chronic disease, harmful consumer products, disease outbreaks, environmental pollution, traumatic injury, or structural racism, law can be a solution to the various factors harming the health of populations or, alternatively, contribute to those harms. Students will learn how laws simultaneously empower governments to respond to public health threats to promote the common good and place limitations on those powers to preserve individual liberties. Students will also explore how the law shapes individual and organizational behavior in ways that impact population health and well-being.

In this combined JD/MPH program, students follow a semi-structured curriculum, to be able to complete all of the requirements for both degrees (which normally requires a combined five years) in this shortened time frame. Students must satisfy the requirements of both degree programs; however, students are permitted to have up to 15 credits (from qualifying courses) count toward both degrees. The MPH practicum course may also qualify as a JD experiential learning opportunity (e.g., a clinic or externship) and vice-versa, if the subject is sufficiently aligned with each degree’s requirements.

Students in this program will finish the first two years of the law curriculum at the School of Law (Ft. Worth, Texas) before completing an accelerated MPH program at the School of Public Health (College Station, Texas) during the third year. The final year of the combined program is flexible depending on a student’s choice of electives and course scheduling.