Industrial Engineering - 5-year Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Finance

Industrial and systems engineering has a long-standing history and unique place among engineering majors as the academic discipline responsible for the economic viability of productive systems across industries. Industrial engineers are keenly aware of the goals and objectives of the enterprise. Additionally, industrial engineers receive a core curriculum in the rigorous underpinnings requisite for the quantification of uncertainty and the mitigation of financial risk to the enterprise. This 3+2 degree ensures that the successful graduate from the Mays Business School, department of finance, has a solid background in both the stochastic processes used to characterize and model the uncertainty coupled with the financial acumen requisite to ensure the economic viability of the enterprise. Students of the industrial and systems engineering program will take advantage of a series of internships and practicums that expose the undergraduate to various facets of financial stability and instability in industry. This program will produce a select and skilled group of industrial leaders that will take their place in the industrial world ensuring the viability of productive organizations around the globe.