Communication - BA

Students who want to transform the world through communication choose the Bachelor of Arts in Communication as a major. The Bachelor of Arts in Communication teaches how to influence and persuade others through the use of language, visual images and other media.  This is a major that affords a broad based, liberal arts education that draws from coursework from across the College of Arts and Sciences, and from across the Texas A&M University.  In the Communication major, we pursue coursework giving students a background in the processes and theories of communication as well as in the marketable skills that are so valuable in the working world.

Coursework for incoming Freshmen begins with a dedicated first semester experience which introduces them to the breadth of the field of Communication and of Media while also involving them in small groups and acquainting them with Texas A&M University, our resources and our opportunities.  We also welcome Transfer students, meeting them where they are and integrating them into the Communication family. All Communication majors take a core of required courses that establish a firm foundation in the field and then select additional coursework that suits their interests and needs.  Students who wish to focus their studies further, may choose to earn a certificate in Health Communication, Strategic Communication, Leadership and Conflict Management, Global Media, Social Media, or Diversity and Social Justice.

With over a thousand students in the major, there is not one particular career path that they all choose.  Many go into careers in public relations, advertising, sales, promotions and marketing. Others work in leadership positions in corporations, or in political, religious or social non-profits.  Still others work in tactics of communication such as spokespersons, event managers, market influencers, graphic designers or digital specialists. Other popular options are careers in sports, social media, international business, and health.

All BA COMM students choose a minor.  A minor area of study fits within the hours required for the degree and helps to further define and focus the student's interests.  When making a choice of majors, remember that one can major in Communication and minor in a related area or in a widely divergent area.