TAMU - TAMU Study Abroad/Consortium

TAMU 699 HSC Gulf Coast Consortium

Credits 0 to 12. 0 to 12 Other Hours. Holding course for inter-institutional collaboration programs which allows graduate students at Texas A&M Health Science Center or institutions in the Gulf Coast Consortium to take courses at these institutions and transfer credit.

TAMU 799 TAMU CS to TAMU Q Graduate Experience

Credits 0. 0 Lecture Hours. Course designating a student from the TAMU College Station Campus as being physically present at the TAMU Qatar campus during any semester registered. No credit hours will be earned and no billing of tuition and fees will be associated with enrollment in this course.

TAMU 999 Graduate Continuous Enrollment

Credits 0 to 9. 0 to 9 Lecture Hours. To be used with programs between Texas A&M University and other systems schools to keep students consecutively enrolled at TAMU; continuous enrollment needed to maintain active status for all students in these programs in order to utilize TAMU resources such as Howdy and Library access; enrolled students should be able to use these resources related to their program; verification of students each semester from system partners is required in order to be enrolled in the course for the participating program.