Doctor of Philosophy in History

This is an exciting time to study History at Texas A&M University. Our dynamic faculty, diverse range of research interests, and commitment to training high-quality graduate students makes us an outstanding place to pursue a broad range of historical research. We are particularly proud of our new academic research clusters, which are featured on the department’s website along with the faculty in these specialties. Our largest areas of concentration are the United States in the World; War and Society; Race, Ethnicity, and Migration; and the overlapping area of Chicano/Latino History.

Our faculty includes past presidents of the Society for Military History, the Oral History Association, the Agricultural History Society, and the Society for German American Studies. Students will receive first-rate training in a range of fields of historical inquiry, as well as the support of the Professional Development Program and the Graduate Placement Director. 

The History graduate program trains our students to be historians who produce original research, contribute to the scholarly conversation of their chosen field, and are prepared for a career in a variety of professions. Our recent PhDs have gone on to appointments in academia, archives management, military and other federal government history programs, and university administration. We normally offer incoming graduate students up to five years guaranteed support.

Details of the History graduate program requirements and course of study are spelled out in our program brochure.

Steps to Fulfill a Doctoral Program