HHUM - Health Humanities (HHUM)

HHUM 107 Introduction to the Health Humanities

Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours. Introduction to the methods and approaches of the health humanities; exposure to key scholarship in this field as well as major methods and approaches; application of such skills to the analysis of cultural case studies such as illness narratives or contemporary debates in scientific bioethics. Cross Listing: COMM 107, ENGL 107, and PHIL 107.

HHUM 482/ENGL 482 Advanced Studies in Health Humanities

Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours. Capstone course; application of skills and knowledge acquired during health humanities concentration coursework; exposure to specialized methods of inquiry; development and execution of an individualized final project. Prerequisites: ENGL 107, COMM 107, HHUM 107, ENGL 292, ENGL 342, COMM 342, WGST 342, or ENGL 395; junior or senior classification. Cross Listing: ENGL 482/HHUM 482.