Journalism - BA

The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism is for journalists of the future who want to cover news, sports, politics, arts and entertainment, engage in magazine writing, and digital storytelling to name a few.  New journalists pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism will take at least 33 hours of journalism coursework, including course work in media writing, fact gathering, and journalism as a profession. While many immersive experiences in journalism are encouraged, provided and facilitated, each BA student will complete a formal, supervised, credit-bearing, journalism internship relevant to their area of interest and focus.  BA journalism students also complete one of the many minors offered at Texas A&M University, and with the guidance of their academic advisor choose a four-course focus area that allows the student to customize and individualize their own, unique area of interest.  

Journalism majors have the option to choose to earn one of the certificates offered by the Department of Communication and Journalism which include Health Communication, Leadership & Conflict Management, Social Media or Strategic Communication.

The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism offers preparation in the art of journalism to the journalists of the future. The new journalist must know how to communicate across platforms, across audiences and with fact-checked precision. Democracy depends on the ethical practice of journalism. The new journalist must understand, adapt to and be able to leverage new economic models that sustain and grow journalism. The new journalist must adhere strictly to the highest ethical principles and practices. There are ample jobs available for new journalists, as well as opportunities to address 'news deserts' state-wide. As a land-grant, sea-grant and space-grant university we are well resourced to prepare new journalists to take advantage of our curricula that incorporate immersive experiences both inside and outside the classroom 1) enabling skill-building in journalistic writing, broadcasting, and digital production, 2) prompting pragmatic and conceptual analyses of the corporate practice of journalism and implementation of entrepreneurial endeavors, and 3) directing the enactment of journalistic ethics articulated by the Society of Professional Journalists: seek truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently, and be accountable and transparent.   The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism offers preparation in the art of journalism to the journalists of the future who must carry this torch.

To these ends, we also offer a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. Please examine that option before you make your choice.