Bush School of Government and Public Service


Administrative Officers

Dean – Mark A. Welsh III

Executive Associate Dean – Frank B. Ashley III, EdD

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs – Steven M. Oberhelman, PhD

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education – Maria Escobar-Lemmon, PhD

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs – Robert Shandley, PhD

Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration – Joe Dillard

Assistant Dean for Assessment – Cole Blease Graham, PhD

Assistant Dean for Diversity and Student Affairs – Matthew Upton, PhD

General Statement

The school’s reputation for excellence in academics, research and public service is well-established and growing. Our student body is one of the most diverse of any college at Texas A&M, with each student bringing a unique perspective to classroom discussions, research efforts and community service. Throughout the school year, our students also make significant contributions to the local community, demonstrating their commitment to volunteerism and modeling public service.

Widely respected in their fields of expertise and recognized as excellent teachers, our faculty are actively engaged in research related to complex policy issues, providing knowledge and guidance to decision-makers at all levels of government and the nonprofit sector. Many have significant experience in government and/or the private sector and use that experience to help guide our students as they try to determine their own future path.