Finance - BBA

The Adam C. Sinn '00 Department of Finance offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance. Finance is the study of how individuals, companies, and governments allocate resources over time, under conditions of risk or uncertainty. The BBA Finance (FINC) major equips students in the core financial areas of corporate finance, investments, and markets and institutions.

In addition to earning a BBA FINC degree, majors may apply for one of several specialized fields of study:

  • Aggies on Wall Street (AOWS)
  • Banking Services Certificate Program (BSCP)
  • Commercial Banking Certificate Program (CBP)
  • Corporate Finance Certificate Program (CFP)
  • Petroleum Ventures Certificate Program (PVP)
  • Trading, Risk and Investments Certificate Program (TRIP)

Finance students also have access to applied finance courses including Titans of Investing, which exposes students to a broad perspective of financial markets and global developments; the Tanner Fund and Reveille Fund, which allow students to manage real money for credit; Financial Modeling, in which students build Excel-based financial models in the context of company valuations, leveraged buyout investments, and mergers and acquisitions; and multiple commercial real estate analysis classes.

BBA FINC graduates are qualified for careers including investment bankers, commercial bankers, investment fund managers, traders, corporate treasurers, comptrollers, chief financial officers, investor relations officers, risk managers, investment analysts, and commercial real estate analysts.

Upper Level Entry Requirements

Admission to the upper level major of finance (FINC) requires satisfactory completion of specific coursework. To review requirements and application procedures see Upper-Level Entry Requirements and Application Procedures.