Master of Science in Horticulture

Graduate degrees in Horticulture are administered by the graduate faculty within the Department of Horticultural Sciences in accordance with all relevant policies and procedures of Texas A&M University.

The Masters of Science (MS) degree in Horticulture provides an advanced science-based education for students through innovative teaching and directed horticultural research experiences. The overall goal is to provide the student with a strong science-based background in the areas of horticulture, physiology, genetics, production, etc. for a future in research either in industry, academia, or government positions.

The program encompasses basic genetics, physiology, production, processing, and utilization of horticultural products including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and landscape plants. The MS degree is obtained through appropriate course work, completion of research and other requirements, successful completion of university-directed administrative procedures, and successful defense of the thesis. A research project and specific coursework will be outlined by the student with guidance from the student's graduate advisory committee members.

Steps to Fulfill a Masters Program