Doctor of Philosophy in Water Management and Hydrological Science

Head: Ronald Kaiser

Program Coordinator:  C. Prakash Khedun

The Water Management and Hydrological Science (WMHS) graduate degree program is supervised by an interdisciplinary faculty from multiple department and colleges. The faculty have expertise in the bio-physical, geo-chemical, management, public health, social sciences and engineering fields. The program offers two masters’ degrees (thesis and non-thesis options) and a PhD. The curriculum is designed to allow students to become leaders in their focal areas of water while making connections with colleagues in other related disciplines.

Each student must have a graduate committee chair before being accepted in the program. Students work with their chair and the advisory committee to develop a course of study satisfying the curriculum. Graduate research assistantships are available on a competitive basis.

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Work leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is designed to give students a comprehensive knowledge of water science and hydrology and provide training in research methods. The final basis for granting the degree shall be the candidate’s grasp of the subject matter of a broad field of study and a demonstrated ability to do independent research. In addition, the candidate must have acquired the ability to express thoughts clearly and forcefully in both oral and written communication The degree is not granted solely for the completion of coursework, residence and technical requirements, although these must be met.

Steps to Fulfill a Doctoral Program