Chemical Engineering - BS

The chemical engineering curriculum provides a balanced education in virtually all aspects of chemical engineering principles and practice and includes education in economics, language, philosophy and culture and communication. Chemical engineering courses emphasize fundamentals and methods that are applicable to the analysis, development, design and operation of a wide variety of chemical engineering systems and processes, thereby providing the necessary background for entry into the wide array of activities described above. At the same time, specific example applications provide the student with insight into the ability of chemical engineers to work in such a variety of areas. The curriculum is structured to offer students an opportunity to extend and apply the fundamentals developed in the basic courses toward more focused areas of specialization. The sequence of courses converges in the senior year into a comprehensive capstone design course that includes elements of economics, safety and environmental issues. The course provides an experience much like that of an industry design project. It is this philosophy of fundamentals, applications and design that has enabled our chemical engineering graduates to adapt readily to a dynamic and rapidly changing world and to solve problems they have not previously experienced.