Master of Engineering in Engineering and Doctor of Medicine Combined Degree Program

Engineering Medicine (EnMed) is Texas A&M University’s innovative engineering plus medicine degree program offered at Houston Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas. This program invokes a partnership between Texas A&M University's School of Medicine and College of Engineering, and the Houston Methodist Hospital. The program aims to educate a new kind of doctor who will create transformational technology for health care in the ordinary practice of medicine. Students may choose to focus on the development of a device, computer software, medical test, diagnostic process, treatment process, drug development, or any other need that exists in the vast medical and pharmaceutical industries. The EnMed program is an integrated educational and research medical program with a focus on invention, innovation and entrepreneurship. Students who graduate from EnMed will earn their Doctor of Medicine from the School of Medicine and their Master of Engineering in Engineering from the College of Engineering. The length of the program is four years; engineering content is integrated within the School of Medicine courses.