Doctor of Philosophy in Health Services Research

The Doctor of Philosophy in Health Services Research is designed to prepare students to conduct high-quality research addressing important health services issues through intensive education in research methods.  All students must select one of two cognate areas:

  1. health economics or
  2. health politics and policy.

The PhD in Health Services Research prepares students to:

  • Identify, assemble, evaluate, and critique a large body of existent research addressing a specific research agenda.
  • Develop a theoretically grounded research design that allows for rigorous evaluation of health services research questions that stand up to peer review, including the use of appropriate methods for the research question at hand.
  • Identify, collect, and prepare appropriate data through primary or secondary sources with adequate documentation for replication.
  • Execute quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques to explore and clarify associations between variables and to delineate causal inferences.
  • Effectively communicate the findings and implications of health services research through multiple modalities to technical and lay audiences.
  • Develop policy solutions to public health problems that are based on the best evidence available and that will hold up to scrutiny from others.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of economic principles and their application for research questions in health services research.
  • Exhibit knowledge of the institutions, organizational structures, and management strategies used to enhance effectiveness in health delivery systems.

Completion of a master’s degree in a relevant discipline, or a terminal professional degree (MD/PharmD/JD) is preferred prior to admission to the PhD program.  Applicants without such degrees must complete additional coursework to fulfill all degree requirements.  

For more details on the degree program, see the Department of Health Policy and Management website.

Steps to Fulfill a Doctoral Program