Theatre – BFA

New program for Fall 2024 - Overview coming soon!

The proposed Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Theatre will prepare individuals to manage the planning, design, preparation, and production of theatrical programs. This degree will include instruction in performance and directing, design and production, arts administration and entrepreneurship, and civic dramaturgy and community engagement. The BFA in Theatre will train artists in the range of skills necessary to stage new and original theatrical works and will train performers to be creative and independent agents. Those who complete the degree will be flexible and innovative creators, who can communicate across cultures and media, and who thrive in highly varied and ever-changing milieus. Theatre makers develop unique global, cultural, and social competencies to work with diverse populations and communities, leveraging their artistic skills to address the challenges facing our society. Performing artists working in theatre hone their empathy, active listening skills, and critical inquiry abilities through collaborative performance-making.