University Studies Programs

The University Studies major allows students to choose an area of concentration and two minors to constitute the 120 hours of the degree.  University Studies in the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (USVM), is a B.S. degree with an area of concentration in veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences. The area of concentration emphasizes applied biology in the context of the veterinary and human medical field, highlighting one health concepts: the interrelatedness of human, animal and environmental health and factors affecting each. Students considering USVM as a major should note that all students are required to complete prerequisite coursework including biology, fundamentals of chemistry and organic chemistry with lab (1 semester), prior to completing the area of concentration coursework. Minors must be chosen from an approved list and Biology or Biomedical Sciences cannot be chosen as minors to couple with this concentration. This major does not admit first-time college students. Students can apply to change their curriculum according to approved university steps and in consultation with an academic advisor from the college. Students must maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 and meet all requirements and prerequisite coursework for the declared area of concentration and two minors. The minors will be recognized after graduation on the student’s transcript, but not on the student’s diploma. This course of study is offered on the College Station campus.