Master of Science in Athletic Training

The Master of Science (MS) in Athletic Training is an entry-level athletic training program for students who do not hold a bachelor’s degree in athletic training but who wish to pursue athletic training credentials by the Board of Certification (BOC) and pursue a career as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC). Admission to the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MS-ATTR) program at Texas A&M University is selective and competitive with the total number of students accepted each year based on space availability. Students wishing to pursue a Master of Science degree in Athletic Training must apply and meet all general requirements for admission to the Graduate School of Texas A&M University and the MSAT program. Acceptance by the Graduate School does not guarantee acceptance into the MS-ATTR Program.

Once admitted into the Master of Science in Athletic Training program, students must meet the retention and progression criteria for the program as described on the MS-ATTR program website.

This program prepares students as leaders and innovators in careers in the public education forum and exercise science, while providing access and appreciation for all things kinesiology, emphasizing the biological basis to exercise and movement. The goal is to prepare students for the workforce while giving students an advantage over their peers if they choose to continue their studies. Students from our program have become scientists, physical therapists, dancers, doctors, coaches, athletic trainers, sports professionals, nurses and teachers. A student's career path is as vast as the choices available.

We offer graduate degrees in clinical exercise physiology, sports physiology, athletic training and sport management.

For application requirements and prerequisites, visit the MS-ATTR Program website.

Steps to Fulfill a Masters Program