University Studies - BS, Oceans and One Health Concentration

Oceans and One Health is an interdisciplinary concentration that allows the student to explore the intersection between human, animal, and environmental health specific to the coastal environment. This degree program is intended for students who wish to pursue medical, dental, veterinary, or health-professional degrees or those interested in health issues in urbanized coastal communities. It is a flexible but robust program that provides opportunities for students to have a solid background in the physical and biological sciences, environmental science, and/or health-related disciplines. Students can choose their focus from a diverse list of concentration electives and minors to tailor their degree to their professional goals.

Through a partnership with the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston our Oceans and One Health students who apply and are admitted to UTMB after completing 95 hours at TAMUG have the option to obtain a minor in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, which includes the first semester coursework for the MS degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences at UTMB.

This concentration is housed in the Foundational Sciences Department.

Students in this program may choose to pursue secondary (grades 8 thru 12) science teaching certification. Please consult with Department of Foundation Sciences.