Master of Science in Engineering Technology

The Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution Department (ETID) offers a Master of Science in Engineering Technology (ENTC) program that provides advanced application‐oriented education in engineering technology. This master’s degree is the first resident graduate program in ETID allowing students to increase their knowledge in the fields of manufacturing and mechanical engineering technology, electronic systems engineering technology, and mechatronics engineering technology.

The MS-ENTC program is a 3-semester resident program offering a thesis and non-thesis option. The program is offered to engineering technology and engineering/science majors with appropriate backgrounds.

The need for a workforce with advanced technical talent can only continue to grow as the nature of work changes, impacted by the rapid pace of developments of critical technologies such as mobile internet, knowledge automation, internet-of-things, autonomous vehicle and additive manufacturing and other advanced technologies. The MS-ENTC degree allows students with a BS degree in related areas to achieve technological acumen beyond levels achieved during a bachelor’s program.

Steps to Fulfill a Masters Program