Applied Mathematics - 5-Year Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mathematics

The combined program enables ambitious and academically talented mathematics majors at Texas A&M University to earn both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree within a period of five years after entering Texas A&M. The curriculum in the Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics 5-year program explores the application of analytical problem solving tools to concrete problems in technology and business. Students in this program investigate a broad array of techniques in applied and pure mathematics and pursue electives in related fields, such as computer science and statistics, that demonstrate how mathematics models challenges we face every day.

Among the various advantages of the combined program, upon its completion a student will be in an exceptionally strong position to enter:

  • The professional industrial job marketplace;
  • A career in secondary education;
  • A doctoral program in mathematics, or in a related discipline, at Texas A&M or another university.

The related disciplines include computer science, engineering, physics, statistics, genetics, economics, business administration, education, and biology.

Eligibility for entering a doctoral program in one of these disciplines would depend in part on the undergraduate and graduate external options and areas of emphasis that were reflected in a student's individual degree plan.