International and Cultural Diversity Requirements

Students are required to complete three (3) semester credit hours from the courses listed.

ACCT 430/IBUS 430Global Immersion in Accounting3
ACCT 445/IBUS 445International Accounting3
AFST 204/ENGL 204Introduction to African-American Literature3
AFST 206/PBSI 206Black Psychology3
AFST 209/PBSI 209Psychology of Culture and Diversity3
AFST 301/HIST 301Blacks in the United States Since 18773
AFST 303Psychology of Women of Color3
AFST 339/ENGL 339African-American Literature Post-19303
AFST 357/HIST 357Out of Africa: The Black Diaspora and the Modern World3
AFST 393/ENGL 393Studies in Africana Literature and Culture3
AGEC 452International Trade and Agriculture3
AGEC 453International Agribusiness Marketing3
ALEC 350Global Agricultural Issues3
ANTH 201Introduction to Anthropology3
ANTH 205Peoples and Cultures of the World3
ANTH 229Introduction to Folklore3
ANTH 317/RELS 317Introduction to Biblical Archaeology3
ANTH 335Cultures of Central Asia3
ANTH 370Cultural Diversity and Ethics3
ANTH 403/RELS 403Anthropology of Religion3
ANTH 426Anthropology of Food and Nutrition3
ANTH 427Human Biological Variation3
ANTH 435Medical Anthropology3
ARAB 201Intermediate Arabic I3
ARAB 202Intermediate Arabic II3
ARAB 475Media and the Middle East3
ARCH 212Social and Behavioral Factors in Design3
ARCH 246Foundations of Historic Preservation3
ARCH 249Survey of World Architecture History I3
ARCH 250Survey of World Architecture History II3
ARCH 346Architecture, Heritage and Culture3
ARCH 350History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Architecture3
ARCH 438World Religious Architecture3
ARCH 458Cultural and Ethical Considerations for Global Practice3
ARTS 149Art History Survey I3
ARTS 150Art History Survey II3
ASIA 352/HIST 352Modern East Asia3
BESC 311International Perspectives on Environmental Issues3
CLAS 220History of Christianity: Origins to the Reformation3
COMM 335Intercultural Communication3
COMM 340Communication and Popular Culture3
COMM 407/WGST 407Gender, Race and Media3
DCED 202Dance Appreciation3
ECCB 308Fundamentals of Environmental Decision-Making3
ECCB 452/RWFM 400Study Abroad in Natural Resources2-12
ECON 312Poverty, Inequality and Social Policy3
ECON 318/WGST 318The Economics of Gender and Race3
ECON 452International Trade Theory and Policy3
ENDS 101Design Process3
ENGL 204/AFST 204Introduction to African-American Literature3
ENGL 206Twenty-first Century Literature and Culture3
ENGL 219Literature and the Other Arts3
ENGL 221/MODL 221World Literature3
ENGL 232Survey of English Literature II3
ENGL 251/FILM 251Introduction to Film Analysis3
ENGL 306Transnational Literature and Culture3
ENGL 308History of Literary Criticism3
ENGL 333/WGST 333Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Literatures3
ENGL 338American Ethnic Literature3
ENGL 339/AFST 339African-American Literature Post-19303
ENGL 340Modern and Contemporary Drama3
ENGL 352Literature, World War II to Present.3
ENGL 374/WGST 374Women Writers3
ENGL 376The American Novel Since 19003
ENGL 393/AFST 393Studies in Africana Literature and Culture3
ENGL 401Contemporary Literary Theory3
ENGL 474/WGST 474Studies in Women Writers3
ENGR 410Global Engineering Design3
ENTO 210Global Public Health Entomology3
FILM 251/ENGL 251Introduction to Film Analysis3
FILM 299History of Film3
FILM 435/GERM 435German Film3
FILM 455/ITAL 455Italian Cinema3
FINC 445/IBUS 446International Finance3
FREN 202Intermediate French II3
FREN 301French Society and Culture in Evolution3
FREN 322French Literature II3
FREN 336Politics, Culture and Society in Contemporary France3
FSTC 300/NUTR 300Religious and Ethnic Foods3
GEOG 201Introduction to Human Geography3
GEOG 202Geography of the Global Village3
GEOG 301Geography of the United States3
GEOG 306Introduction to Urban Geography3
GEOG 323Geography of Latin America3
GEOG 325Geography of Europe3
GEOG 327Geography of South Asia3
GERM 201Intermediate German I3
GERM 202Intermediate German II3
GERM 322German Culture and Civilization II3
GERM 435/FILM 435German Film3
GLST 210Languages of the World3
HIST 220History of Christianity: Origins to the Reformation3
HIST 221/RELS 221History of Islam3
HIST 222/RELS 222History of Christianity, Reformation to Present3
HIST 301/AFST 301Blacks in the United States Since 18773
HIST 336Europe Since 19193
HIST 347/RELS 347Rise of Islam, 600-12583
HIST 352/ASIA 352Modern East Asia3
HIST 357/AFST 357Out of Africa: The Black Diaspora and the Modern World3
HIST 412Russia's Long Twentieth Century - The Soviet Experiment and Beyond3
HIST 477/WGST 477Women and Gender in Modern European History3
HLTH 236Introduction to Health Disparities and Diversity3
HLTH 333/PHLT 363Spirituality and Health3
HLTH 334Women's Health3
HMGT 411Cruise Tourism3
HMGT 442International Perspectives in Hospitality, Tourism and Events3
HORT 335Sociohorticulture3
HUMA 321Political Islam and Jihad3
IBUS 310Global Context of Business3
IBUS 320Global Sustainable Business3
IBUS 401/MKTG 401Global Marketing3
IBUS 402/MKTG 402International Marketing: Study Abroad3
IBUS 403/MKTG 403International Market Entry Strategies3
IBUS 430/ACCT 430Global Immersion in Accounting3
IBUS 445/ACCT 445International Accounting3
IBUS 446/FINC 445International Finance3
IBUS 450/MGMT 450International Environment of Business3
IBUS 452/MGMT 452International Management3
IBUS 455Asian Business Environment3
IBUS 456European Integration and Business3
IBUS 457/MGMT 457Global Entrepreneurship3
IBUS 459Latin American Markets3
INST 301Educational Psychology3
INTA 201Introduction to International Studies3
INTA 301Theories of Globalization3
INTA 321Political Islam and Jihad3
ITAL 201Intermediate Italian I3
ITAL 202Intermediate Italian II3
ITAL 251Global Italy3
ITAL 452Topics in Italian Women and Gender Studies3
ITAL 453Literatures of Italy3
ITAL 455/FILM 455Italian Cinema3
ITAL 456Contemporary Italian Cultures3
JAPN 201Intermediate Japanese I4
JAPN 202Intermediate Japanese II4
KINE 282Culture of Wellness3
LAND 240History of Landscape Architecture3
MARA 440Global Economy and Enterprise Management3
MARB 407Research and Conservation in Greece-Dolphins, Fisheries and Cultural Heritage4
MARS 210Marine Geography3
MARS 280Coastal and Ocean Resources3
MAST 411International Maritime Culture3
MGMT 450/IBUS 450International Environment of Business3
MGMT 452/IBUS 452International Management3
MGMT 457/IBUS 457Global Entrepreneurship3
MKTG 401/IBUS 401Global Marketing3
MKTG 402/IBUS 402International Marketing: Study Abroad3
MKTG 403/IBUS 403International Market Entry Strategies3
MODL 221/ENGL 221World Literature3
MUSC 201Music and the Human Experience3
MUSC 221Guitar Heroes3
MUSC 226History of Rock3
MUSC 323Global Hip Hop3
NURS 424Professional Issues2
NURS 466Community Health for the RN5
NUTR 300/FSTC 300Religious and Ethnic Foods3
PBSI 107Introduction to Psychology3
PBSI 206/AFST 206Black Psychology3
PBSI 208Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Minority Experience3
PBSI 209/AFST 209Psychology of Culture and Diversity3
PBSI 210/WGST 210Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality3
PBSI 303Psychology of Women of Color3
PERF 325Dance in World Cultures3
PERF 328Japanese Traditional Performing Arts3
PHIL 283Latin American Philosophy3
PHLT 336Health Disparities and Diversity in Society3
PHLT 360Women's Health3
PHLT 363/HLTH 333Spirituality and Health3
POLS 366Political Conflicts of the Middle East3
RELS 200Religions of the World3
RELS 220History of Christianity: Origins to the Reformation3
RELS 221/HIST 221History of Islam3
RELS 222/HIST 222History of Christianity, Reformation to Present3
RELS 312Contemplation in the Modern World3
RELS 317/ANTH 317Introduction to Biblical Archaeology3
RELS 321Political Islam and Jihad3
RELS 347/HIST 347Rise of Islam, 600-12583
RELS 403/ANTH 403Anthropology of Religion3
RWFM 314Principles of Rangeland Management Around the World3
RWFM 400/ECCB 452Study Abroad in Natural Resources2-12
SCMT 340Managing Logistics and Supply Chain Operations3
SCSC 420Brazilian Agriculture and Food Production Systems3-6
SOCI 205Introduction to Sociology3
SOCI 206Global Social Trends3
SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN 304Advanced Grammar for Heritage Speakers3
SPAN 412U.S. Hispanic Writers3
SPMT 220Olympic Studies3
SPMT 336Diversity in Sport Organizations3
SPMT 337International Sport Business3
TEFB 273Introduction to Culture, Community, Society and Schools3
THEA 103Introduction to Devised Theatre3
THEA 200Introduction to World Theatre3
THEA 281History of the Theatre II3
URPN 203Smart Cities - Bit, Bots and Beyond3
VTPB 411One Health and Tropical Ecology3
WGST 210/PBSI 210Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality3
WGST 303Psychology of Women of Color3
WGST 318/ECON 318The Economics of Gender and Race3
WGST 333/ENGL 333Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Literatures3
WGST 334Women's Health3
WGST 374/ENGL 374Women Writers3
WGST 407/COMM 407Gender, Race and Media3
WGST 474/ENGL 474Studies in Women Writers3
WGST 477/HIST 477Women and Gender in Modern European History3

Undergraduate Studies’ units have modified services available to students enrolled via distance education, at branch campuses, or at other instructional locations.