Master of Science in Kinesiology

The Master of Science (MS) in Kinesiology provides advanced training in the general area of kinesiology with an emphasis on research. Within this broad option, students may elect more specialized study in clinical exercise physiology, exercise physiology, motor behavior, sport pedagogy and sport physiology. Both thesis and non-thesis options are offered.

The Division of Kinesiology prepares students as leaders and innovators in careers in the public education forum and exercise science. We give students access and appreciation for all things kinesiology, emphasizing the biological basis to exercise and movement. Our goal is to prepare students for the workforce while giving students an advantage over their peers if they choose to continue their studies. Students from our program have become scientists, physical therapists, dancers, doctors, coaches, athletic trainers, sports professionals, nurses and teachers. Your career path is as vast as your choices available. We offer graduate degrees in clinical exercise physiology, sports physiology, athletic training and sport management.

Over 30 highly qualified faculty members serve the Kinesiology through teaching, research, and service, bringing decades of experience to Kinesiology students. The department is an active member of the American Kinesiology Association and joins with them to promote the discipline of kinesiology as a field of study and to highlight its applications that affect all through research to enhance people’s health.

Steps to Fulfill a Masters Program