Master of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering

Individuals holding a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in engineering or science, as well qualified seniors during their last semester of study for a BS in engineering or science, may apply for admission to the graduate program to work toward the Master of Engineering (MEng) in Materials Science and Engineering (MSEN).

The MEng is a non-thesis degree that provides students advanced specialized training intended to prepare them to transition to technical positions in industry or doctoral graduate programs in science or engineering. Students deepen their understanding by completing advanced coursework in foundational MSEN topics, such as thermodynamics, kinetics, solid-state physics, and mechanical behavior of materials. Furthermore, students broaden their exposure to new topics through attendance at seminars and through coursework in specialized areas of MSEN, such as Adaptive Functional Materials, Advanced Structural Materials, Computational Materials Science Design, and Materials Informatics, Electrochemistry and Corrosion Science Engineering, Infrastructure Materials, Materials for Extreme Environments, Materials Synthesis and Processing, Polymers, Soft Matter and Composites, Small Scale Characterization Techniques, or Quantum Materials.