Master of Land and Property Development in Land and Property Development

The Master of Land and Property Development (MLPD) is an entrepreneurship-oriented program of study which combines business and finance with physical planning, design and construction. The program provides students the full range of real estate, financial and management skills they need to succeed in the highly competitive real estate development industry.

One of only a handful of Land and Real Estate Development programs in the United States, the program attracts students from practically every academic discipline. The MLPD utilizes a current and comprehensive curriculum, provided by experienced practitioners, to teach how ecologically sensible, socially acceptable, and financially feasible development ventures are created.

The MLPD program dissolves the boundaries between planning, construction and environmental issues and between finance, accounting and market issues. However, through rigorous training in due diligence, site analysis, entitlements, project management, and market and financial analysis, graduates become uniquely prepared for the real-world.

This program is also approved for delivery via asynchronous distance education technology.