Landscape Architecture - BLA

The mission of the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) program is to prepare students to become professional landscape architects in the private and public sectors of practice. We foster a learning environment of creativity and critical analysis that uses evidence-based design principles as its core. This approach builds upon the knowledge of natural and built environments and how humans interact within various cultural settings. Our BLA graduates use this knowledge to produce spatial solutions at multiple scales from site design to land use planning. This creative process aims to advance human health, and social, economic and environmental sustainability. The program strives to produce graduates motivated to be life-long learners capable of working independently and leading interdisciplinary teams in the field of landscape architecture.

Graduates from the BLA program are prepared for employment with private practice firms in landscape architecture, engineering, architecture, or planning; and with federal, state, or local government agencies. Upon graduation and with additional two-year practical experience students are qualified to pursue licensure in the profession or post graduate education in landscape architecture or a related field.

Because of the important role of computing in the disciplines housed within the College of Architecture, all entering students are required to possess a portable, network-ready personal computer capable of running software appropriate to their academic program. Financial aid is available to assist students in their computer purchases. No student will be denied admission to Texas A&M University based on an inability to purchase a computer. Additional information is available on the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning website.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallSemester Credit Hours
ENGL 104 Composition and Rhetoric 3
LAND 101 Introduction to Landscape Architectural Practice 1
LAND 111 Landscape Architecture Communications I 3
MATH 168 Finite Mathematics 3
URPN 220 Digital Communication I 3
American history 1 3
 Semester Credit Hours16
ARCH 250 Survey of World Architecture History II 3
LAND 112 Landscape Architectural Communications II 3
MATH 142 Business Calculus 3
Life and physical sciences 5
General elective 2 3
 Semester Credit Hours17
Second Year
LAND 240 History of Landscape Architecture 3
LAND 211 Landscape Design I 4
LAND 231 Landscape Construction I 4
POLS 206 American National Government 3
American history 1 3
 Semester Credit Hours17
LAND 212 Landscape Design II 4
LAND 232 Landscape Construction II 3
POLS 207 State and Local Government 3
RENR 205 Fundamentals of Ecology 3
RENR 215 Fundamentals of Ecology--Laboratory 1
Computer elective 3 3
 Semester Credit Hours17
Third Year
ENGL 210 Technical and Business Writing 3
HORT 306 Trees and Shrubs for Sustainable Built Environments 3
LAND 241 History and Development of Landscape Architecture in North America 3
LAND 311 Landscape Design III 5
Selec one of the following: 3
The Evolving City  
Land Development I  
Health Systems Planning  
 Semester Credit Hours17
HORT 308 Plants for Sustainable Landscapes 3
LAND 301 Landscape Architecture Theory 3
LAND 312 Landscape Design IV 5
LAND 331 Landscape Construction III 4
URPN 202 Building Better Cities 3
 Semester Credit Hours18
LAND 484 Summer Internship 0
 Semester Credit Hours0
Fourth Year
Semester Away 4 6
Select one of the following:  
Field Studies in Design Innovation 5  
General elective 2, 6 6
 Semester Credit Hours12
LAND 412 Landscape Design VI 5
LAND 431 Professional Practice 3
PHIL 314 Environmental Ethics 6 3
URPN 361
Urban Issues
or Sustainable Communities
 Semester Credit Hours14
 Total Semester Credit Hours128

A grade of C or better is required in College of Architecture courses (CARC, COSC, ENDS, ARCH, URPN, LAND, VIST, ARTS) to satisfy Landscape Architecture degree requirements.

Any student wishing to change majors into the Landscape Architecture program must have less than 60 total hours, including all transfer hours.