Master of Science in Food Science and Technology

The Master of Science (MS) degree in Food Science and Technology is designed to provide students with advanced scientific and analytical skills in broad areas of food science essential to be a successful professional in the field. The degree prepares students for advanced careers in the private sector (including new food product design and development), public policy and regulatory agencies, non-government organizations, as well as preparing them to pursue opportunities in independent research leading to a doctoral degree.

The Food Science and Technology MS provides students with a strong knowledge base in fundamental and applied aspects of food science through appropriate coursework and independent cutting-edge research that addresses current and emerging societal needs in the field. Students may pursue fundamental and/or translational (i.e. applied) research in the areas of food chemistry, food processing, food microbiology and safety including probiotic microbiology, engineering and rheology, food packaging, ingredients technology, meat or poultry science, cereals science and processing, plant bioactives, sensory analysis, etc. A process of research or study will be outlined by the student with guidance from the student’s graduate advisory committee membership.

Steps to Fulfill a Masters Program