General Information

The following types of information can be found within the General Information section of the catalog:

History and Development

Mission Statement; History and Development

University Core Curriculum

Student Learning Outcomes

Degree Information

Which Catalog to Follow; Degrees Offered; Tuition Charged for Excess Credit Hours; Supplementary Fee for Courses Attempted More than Twice; Requirements for a Baccalaureate Degree; Undergraduate Minor Programs; Two Degrees; Baccalaureate Degree Option for Students Granted Early Admission to Medical/Professional Programs; Graduation with Honors; Graduation Application, Diploma and Commencement; Requirements for a Certificate; Graduation Application, Certificate and Commencement; Certificate/Graduation Fee; Combination Programs; Degree Program Tables; Programs offered via Distance Education; State Authorization; National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NCSARA); Undergraduate Minor Programs; Undergraduate Certificate Programs; International and Cultural Diversity Requirements; and Cultural Discourse Requirements.


Application Information; Items Necessary to Complete an Application File; Notification of Application Status; Required Coursework; State of Texas Uniform Admission Policy; Additional Information for Freshman Applicants; Freshman Admissions; Information for all Freshman Applicants; Notice of Admission Decision; Opportunity Admission Program; Suspected Fraudulent Admission Applications; Transfer Admissions; Notification of Admission Decisions; Transfer Course Credit Policies; International Admission Criteria; Admission Criteria for Other Application Types; Academic Fresh Start Policy; Entry to a Major – Engineering; Upper-Level Entry into Colleges; Texas Success Initiative (TSI); Entry into Dentistry and Nursing; Course Credit; Graduate Admission

Registration and Academic Status

Full-Time Student; Undergraduates Registering for Graduate Courses; VA Benefits; Maximum Schedule; Classification; Academic Status

Grading System

Repetition of a Course to Improve Grades; I and X Grades; Q-Drop and Add and Drop; Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory; Grade Point Average (GPA), Classification; Grade Reports; Semester Credit Hour


Off Campus Student Services;Pay By Semester Housing: Residence Halls and White Creek Apartments; and University Apartments (The Gardens)


New Student Conferences; Extended Orientation--ExCEL Programs, Fish Camp, Howdy Camp,  T-Camp, Venture Camps; Aggie Honor Code and Honor System Office

Student Success

Student Services

Academic Advising; Academic Success Center; The Association of Former Students; Career Center; Counseling and Psychological Services; Disability Resources; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) Resource Center; George Bush Presidential Library and Museum; Health Promotion; International Student Services; Math Learning Center; Memorial Student Center; Military Education Benefits (Scholarships & Financial Aid); Department of Multicultural Services; Ombuds Services; Professional School Advising; Recreational Sports; Department of Residence Life; Student Activities; Student Assistance Services; Student Conduct Office; Student Health Services; Student Legal Services; Student Life; Student Media; Technology Resources; Transportation Resources; University Center and Special Events; University Libraries; University Police; University Writing Center; Veteran Resource and Support Center (VRSC); Women’s Support Services

Campus Life

The Corps Experience; Department of Multicultural Services; Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life; Intercollegiate Athletics; Memorial Student Center (MSC); Musical Activities; Recreational Sports; Speech and Debate Team; Student Activities; Student Government (SGA); Student Life; Student Life Studies; Student Media; University Art Galleries; University Center and Special Events (UCEN); Vice President for Student Affairs