Department of Communication and Journalism

Communication is concerned with the most distinct human characteristics: the use of spoken and written language and the use of media to communicate information, maintain social contact, and influence others. Journalism is the ethical collection, research, analysis, and distribution of information in the public interest. Combined, communication and journalism tell the stories that promote human relationships, shape society, sell products and services, analyze and interpret data, support healthy practices, guide leaders, create strategies, implement tactics, guide discussions, and manage conflicts in the complex and wonderful world we live in today!

The Department of Communication and Journalism offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Communication, Journalism, and Telecommunication Media Studies. Communication and Journalism offers these various undergraduate degrees, minors, and certificates along with optional study abroad trips and field trips, internships, and leadership opportunities that when combined to meet a student’s interests, provide unique approaches to acquiring the knowledge and the marketable skills needed to describe, interpret, evaluate, and transform the world around us through the use of communication and media.

Students may select a major in Communication, Journalism, or Telecommunication Media Studies and a minor from among any minor offered at Texas A&M University, in order to customize their choices of classes to their interests and goals. Other students may select to choose a major, a minor, and then pattern their courses to pursue a certificate. Honors students may participate in the the well-established and well-respected COMM-Honors program. Academic Advisors are on hand to assist students in refining their pathway to their future.

While some students choose advanced degrees in communication, law, business, or religion, many go straight into the work world to pursue careers in a vast array of areas. Typical choices include positions in strategic communication, public relations, marketing, advertising, promotions and sales, training and human resources, social media, journalism, digital communication, leadership and management, health fields related to communication, organizations and public policy, communication media, sports communication, entertainment and related areas of business, industry, government, and non-profit organizations.