Fees for Other Special Items or Services

Application Fees

Graduate: $65; Undergraduate: $75; International: $90.

Cooperative Education Fee

A fee of $75 is charged to all students participating in domestic or international Cooperative Education programs.

Certificate Processing and Service Charge

A non-refundable document and processing charge is assessed for each certificate awarded. Students will incur this charge when an application for the certificate to be awarded is submitted.

Diploma/Graduation Fee

A non-refundable fee per degree sought is assessed the semester a student applies for graduation. This fee is payable each time a student applies for graduation. A late fee of $50, in addition to the diploma/graduation fee, may be charged to those who apply for graduation after the published deadline.

Education Abroad Service Fee

Upon confirming intent to participate in an international experience, Education Abroad charges a service fee. The amount will differ by program type. For details about the fee structure and provision of services, visit the Education Abroad website.

International Student Health Insurance

The Texas A&M University System requires all international students in F-1 or J-1 status to be covered under the Texas A&M University System Student Health Insurance Plan (SSHIP) or have equivalent insurance coverage that meets the waiver criteria. The System Student Health Insurance Regulation is located at http://policies.tamus.edu/26-99-01.pdf.

For more information regarding the health insurance and waiver processes, please visit the International Student and Scholar Services website at https://global.tamu.edu/isss/.

Graduate Program Fees

Most Graduate Programs have additional program fees attached to them. These fees are submitted and approved through the Board of Regents and are charged based on a number of factors such as number of hours enrolled, admission term, and specific college or program that the student is enrolled in. Please follow the link below for more information about each program fee’s specific cost. For more information regarding graduate program fees, please visit https://sbs.tamu.edu/billing-payments/billing-fee-explanations/index.html.

Law School Program

Law School tuition and fees are charged at an hourly rate for credit hours 1-8. Part-time students taking 9-12 hours and full-time students taking 13-16 hours are charge a flat part-time or full-time rate. The tuition and fee rate switches back to an hourly rate for all hours 17 and higher.

Law School Distance Education programs are charged an hourly rate for all hours. For specific amounts for each hour, please use the link below to the tuition calculator. https://tuition.tamu.edu/

New Graduate Student Fee

A non-refundable new graduate student fee of $50 is charged to all new graduate students. This fee is assessed the first semester the student is registered.

Sponsored International Students

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) provides specialized administrative services, advising, and other program management related to the specific requirements for sponsored students. ISSS serves as a liaison with academic departments, the Texas A&M University campus, sponsored students, and their sponsors.  

Third Party Billing and invoices for sponsored students are handled by Specialized Student Billing in Student Business Services (SBS).  http://sbs.tamu.edu/accounts-billing/for-sponsors-and-sponsored-students/

An administrative fee not to exceed $500 per semester or summer session (all or part thereof) will be required to support international sponsored students whose tuition and fee payments are coordinated through Sponsored Student Billing unless these fees are waived as part of negotiated contractual agreements. This $500 administrative fee includes the $150 International Student Services fee.

Thesis/Dissertation/Record of Study Fee (Processing Fee)

This fee supports the processing, review, and archiving of each thesis, dissertation, and record of study as well as other services and resources provided by the Graduate and Professional School. Archival formats include microfilm or digital storage. The fee does not include binding of personal copies.

The Master’s processing fee is $110; the Doctoral processing fee is $170.