Master of Science in Economics and Master of International Affairs Combined Degree Program

The Department of Economics and the Department of International Affairs offer students the opportunity to receive both a Master of Science in Economics (MS-ECON) and a Master of International Affairs (MIA) in a three year period. Students are provided with rigorous advanced training in economics, econometrics, analytical and quantitative skills, international policies, the global economy, American foreign policy, and research methods. Students who have a disposition toward leadership will be better prepared for careers in business, government, and nongovernment organizations, and public service.

In this combined masters program, students follow a strictly defined curriculum to complete all of the requirements for both degrees (which normally each take two years) in this shortened time frame. A total of 66 unduplicated hours includes 30 credit hours for the MS-ECON plus 6 combined credit hours from an approved list of courses, and 36 credit hours for the MIA plus 12 combined credit hours from an approved list of courses. In combination, a student may combine no more than 12 credits in both degrees.

Combined Master students shall begin the MS-ECON program in their first year, then begin courses in the MIA program in their second year. Students will complete their final year by successfully completing their Capstone and remaining courses. Students are also required to satisfy the MIA degree's Language Requirement. If a student decides during the course of study to drop one of the degrees being sought, the requirements for the other degree will revert to the normal requirements for that degree.