Marine Biology - BS

The Marine Biology Bachelor of Science degree emphasizes high impact, hands-on learning, with courses offering lab and field-based experiences. Our curriculum spans a broad range of topics, including ichthyology and fish physiology, marine mammalogy, ecology, marine botany and coastal plant ecology, vertebrate and invertebrate zoology, coral biology, and marine conservation. Our diverse curriculum allows students to tailor their education to realize their career goals. With state-of-the-art labs and classrooms, a fleet of vessels, and world-class faculty, our educational and research opportunities prepare graduates to become leaders in their field.

Learn from Experts in the Field

The faculty of the Department of Marine Biology comprises some of the top researchers in their respective fields. This international group of scientists, hailing from 10 different countries around the world, is eager to share their knowledge and foster the passions of our undergraduates. Our faculty recognizes the power of networking, and provides students research and professional opportunities through affiliations with NOAA, FDA, EPA, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Galveston Bay Foundation, General Land Office, and numerous others. Whether a student desires to study the smallest microbes and plankton to the largest marine organisms, or ecosystems along the coastline to the deepest reaches of the ocean, the faculty of the Marine Biology Department equips each student with the knowledge needed to succeed.

Career Opportunities

The unique flexibility of courses and the unparalleled access to top quality professors, training, and the sea puts our students in a great position to succeed in any number of career paths, including:

  • Conservation
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Research
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Veterinary and Medical degrees
  • Law Enforcement
  • Environmental Outreach
  • Higher/Secondary Education

Endless Learning Opportunities

The courses offered to Marine Biology undergraduates are tailored to give students a solid foundational knowledge of life in the ocean while allowing students to pursue their specific interests. The diverse array of electives includes such courses as: Biology of Marine Mammals, Tropical Marine Ecology, Marine Toxicology, Animal Behavior, Life in Extreme Environments, and Conservation Biology.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Sometimes the greatest lessons are learned away from the classroom. For this reason, the Marine Biology Department offers field-based courses in Puerto Rico and at SeaWorld San Antonio. Additionally, students can take advantage of our on-campus Sea Life Facility for extensive hands-on opportunities. Undergraduates in our program get more than just a degree, they get experiences of a lifetime.

Double Your Career Options

Marine Biology majors have the option to pursue a U.S. Merchant Marine License Option through the Texas A&M Maritime Academy. Those who complete the program will have not only their Bachelor of Science degree, but will also qualify to take the U.S. Coast Guard license examination in order to become a Third Mate for ocean going vessels, a vital asset in a number of career fields.