Agricultural Economics - BS, Rural Entrepreneurship Option

The Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics offers students four options: Finance and Real Estate, Food Marketing Systems, Policy and Economic Analysis, and Rural Entrepreneurship. The course requirements for the freshman and sophomore years are the same for the above Agricultural Economics options.

In addition to the four options, the department offers a five-year program in conjunction with the Bush School of Government and Public Service that would allow a student to receive a Bachelor of Science (BS AGEC) in Agricultural Economics and a Master's of Public Service and Administration degree.

The Agricultural Economics program is designed to assist in the development of skills in agriculture, applied economics, and economic logic that students can utilize to analyze and communicate about financial, real estate, sales, marketing, policy, and entrepreneurship issues in Texas, the nation, and the world. Graduates are trained for a wide variety of jobs in agricultural and non-agricultural oriented businesses, firms, and agencies in both the public and private sectors. Flexibility is included in the curriculum so that a student, in consultation with an academic adviser, can develop a degree program which best fits personal career objectives and could include one or more of the following experiences: industry internship, the Agricultural and Natural Resources Policy Internship program, and research, directed studies, or study abroad opportunities.

Requirements for graduation are listed in the Texas A&M University Student Rules and this catalog. With the exception of general elective requirements, courses taken to satisfy degree requirements must be taken for letter grades.

Rural Entrepreneurship Option

The Rural Entrepreneurship Option is designed to provide a well-founded basis in principles, concepts and methods for students interested in owning and/or managing or otherwise being engaged in working with a rural business.