General Deposit

Every student must make a $100 deposit to protect the University from damage to or loss of University property. Failure to pay promptly will bar the student from re-admission and from issuance of official transcripts from the University. This deposit, assuming there are no outstanding charges, will be returned upon the student graduating or withdrawing from school. Students leaving the University without graduating or withdrawing automatically forfeit their property deposit refund if Student Business Services doesn't receive a request for the refund. Deposits not refunded within four years from the date of last attendance will be forfeited into a student deposit scholarship account. 

Enrollment Deposits

To accept an admission offer into certain programs, an applicant may be required to pay a nonrefundable enrollment deposit to hold his/her seat in the class. This deposit is applied to the tuition/fees statements of students who matriculate into the program. Individuals who ultimately don't begin classes in the program will forfeit the deposit. Contact your department for additional information regarding your program’s deposit policy.