Marketing - BBA, Professional Selling and Sales Management Track

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing (BBA MKTG) prepares students to work effectively in corporate and nonprofit organizations that are part of a global economy. Marketing students will be proficient in marketing analytics, digital marketing, customer experience management, creativity, and brand management.

Students who are looking to expand their communication and relationship-building skills should consider the BBA MKTG Professional Selling and Sales Management track.  Students in this program take three sales-related directed electives that provide real-world scenarios and role-plays that help them build skills that are critical for a successful career in sales and marketing.  

In addition to taking sales courses, students in the BBA MKTG Professional Selling and Sales Management track benefit from the many opportunities offered by the Reynolds and Reynolds Sales Leadership Institute which is part of the Department of Marketing at Mays Business School.  The Sales Leadership Institute provides students opportunities to explore different careers in sales, to learn and hone the skill set that will differentiate them in the workforce, and to network with sales professionals in a wide range of roles and industries.  Students will have opportunities to attend professional conferences, participate in local, regional, national, and international sales competitions, and network with sales partners.

Students completing the BBA MKTG Professional Selling and Sales Management degree will have enhanced their interpersonal communication skills in a business environment, giving them a distinct advantage in the job market regardless of the planned career path.  

Upper-Level Entry Requirements

Admission to the upper-level major of marketing (MKTG) requires satisfactory completion of specific coursework. To review requirements and application procedures see Upper-Level Entry Requirements and Application Procedures.