Applied Mathematics - BS, Biological Science Emphasis

The curriculum in the Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics with a Biological Sciences emphasis explores the application of analytical problem-solving tools to problems in biology, medicine, and the environment. Students in the Biological Sciences emphasis investigate techniques in applied and pure mathematics and pursue electives in biology and other sciences that demonstrate how mathematics models phenomena in the life sciences.

A student completing this program is prepared for a career in applications of mathematics to the life sciences. Furthermore, this degree program is designed to contain the coursework required for students interested in medical school, and it is recommended for pre-med students interested in pursuing a mathematics degree.  With the appropriate electives chosen, the student is also prepared to enter quantitatively oriented graduate programs, including PhD programs in Applied Mathematics or Mathematics.  A minor in biology is well suited to students in this program. All advising for this degree option is done through the Undergraduate Program Office in the Department of Mathematics.