Board of Regents and Administrative Officers

Board of Regents

Charles W. Schwartz, Chairman - Houston

Elaine Mendoza, Vice Chairman - San Antonio

Phil Adams - Bryan/College Station

Robert L. "Bob" Albritton - Fort Worth

Anthony G. Buzbee - Houston

Morris E. Foster - Austin

Tim Leach - Midland

William "Bill" Mahomes, Jr. - Dallas

Cliff Thomas - Victoria

Ervin Bryant (Student Regent) - Spring

* * *

Jackie Bell - Assistant to the Board of Regents

* * *

Chancellor - John Sharp

Texas A&M University Administrative Officers

President - Michael K. Young

Provost and Executive Vice President - Carol A. Fierke

* * *

Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences - Patrick J. Stover

Dean, College of Architecture - Jorge A. Vanegas

Dean, Mays Business School - Eli Jones

Dean, College of Dentistry - Lawrence E. Wolinsky

Dean, College of Education and Human Development - Joyce M. Alexander

Dean, College of Engineering - M. Katherine Banks

Dean, College of Geosciences - Debbie Thomas

Dean, Bush School of Government and Public Service - General Mark A. Welsh III (Ret.)

Dean, School of Innovation - Dr. Andrew P. Morriss

Dean, School of Law - Robert B. Ahdieh

Dean, College of Liberal Arts - Pamela R. Matthews

Dean, College of Medicine - Carrie L. Byington

Dean, College of Nursing - Nancy L. Fahrenwald

Dean, Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy - Indra K. Reddy

Dean, School of Public Health - John R. August (interim)

Dean, College of Science - Valen E. Johnson (interim)

Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences - Eleanor M. Green

Dean, Texas A&M University Libraries - David H. Carlson

Dean and COO, Texas A&M University at Qatar - César O. Malavé

* * *

Executive Vice President for Finance and Operations and Chief Financial Officer - Jerry R. Strawser

Senior Vice President, Texas A&M University Health Science Center - Carrie L. Byington

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer - Amy B. Smith

Vice Provost - Michael J. Benedik

Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity - Robin R. Means Coleman

Vice President for Brand Development - Shane Hinckley

Vice President for Economic Development - Andrew P. Morriss

Vice President for Enrollment and Academic Services - Joseph P. Pettibon II

Vice President for Government Relations - Michael G. O’Quinn

Vice President for Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness - Jeffrey A. Risinger

Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer - M. Dee Childs

Vice President for Research - Mark Barteau

Vice President for Student Affairs - Daniel J. Pugh, Sr.

Vice President and COO, Texas A&M University at Galveston - Colonel Michael E. Fossum (Ret.)

Commandant of the Corps of Cadets - Brigadier General Joe E. Ramirez, Jr. (Ret.)

Dean of Faculties and Associate Provost - Blanca Lupiani

Associate Provost for Academic Affairs - Michael T. Stephenson

Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies - Karen L. Butler-Purry

Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies - Ann L. Kenimer

Associate Vice President for Administration and Academic Affairs - Deena J. McConnell

Associate Vice President for External Relations - Chad E. Wootton

Objectives of Graduate and Professional Studies

The Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGAPS) maintains the official record for each graduate student, and in this role serves as the primary administrative body and overarching source of information for graduate education. Once a graduate student is accepted by an academic department, school or college, OGAPS assists and facilitates progression toward completion of a graduate degree through maintenance of all official records. OGAPS interacts directly with the Graduate Council and Graduate Operations Committee to set minimal University guidelines, and all departments and colleges use these as a framework for operation, only setting more stringent standards when needed and appropriate. Clearance for graduation, including final review of theses, dissertations, and records of study when required, is performed by OGAPS, but the Office of the Registrar is responsible for issuing all transcripts.

The overall objective of graduate study is to provide a student with the intellectual depth and breadth, and appropriate training and professional development necessary to pursue a productive career in a profession and/or in various fields of teaching and research and in other ways make a larger contribution to society than would be otherwise possible.

A graduate student is admitted for graduate study in a department to pursue generally only one of the university graduate programs at a time. Such programs are usually accessible by admission into a single department. A select number of dual degree programs allow a student the opportunity to pursue two master's degrees simultaneously. For a listing of the approved dual degree programs, a student should consult the graduate catalog and his/her department. In some cases, an intercollegiate faculty oversees the programs allowing access through several departments. Each department has one or more graduate advisors who can provide information about specific programs within that department.

A student’s program of graduate study usually consists of a combination of coursework, independent study and scholarly research resulting in a report, record of study, master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. In some programs, a student may be required to participate in an internship or other professional activity to satisfy particular degree requirements. Some departments require a student’s participation in teaching as part of his/her degree program.

Administration of Graduate and Professional Studies

The graduate faculty at Texas A&M University consists of the President, the Provost and Executive Vice President, the Associate Provosts, the Deans of all subject-matter colleges, selected Directors and properly qualified academic groups. Members of the graduate faculty participate in the graduate degree programs of the University by serving on student advisory committees and teaching graduate courses. Individuals who are not members of the graduate faculty of Texas A&M University may not teach graduate courses or serve on student advisory committees unless special approval is granted by the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Office of Graduate and Professional Studies Administrative Officers

Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies - Karen L. Butler-Purry, Ph.D.

Senior Assistant Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies – George B. Cunningham, Ph.D.

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is composed of representatives from the graduate faculty at Texas A&M. The Council develops and maintains policies and procedures pertaining to graduate programs at the university. The Council’s function includes long-range planning, recommendation of new programs and courses, evaluation of existing programs and courses, and facilitation of university accreditation. Requests for new, changes, or withdrawals of courses or programs are submitted through the Curricular Approval Request System, and questions may be sent via e-mail to

The Graduate Council shall review all curricular requests pertaining to the graduate and professional academic programs, shall be responsible for the quality and development of the graduate instruction and programs and shall advise the Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies on all graduate and professional program matters. The Graduate Council shall communicate in writing, through its secretary, its recommendations to the Faculty Senate.

Membership shall consist of one representative from each College and off campus academic unit, who shall be selected by the Faculty Senate Committee on Committees after consultation with the College deans and caucuses (chairs of college graduate instruction committees and associate deans for graduate programs shall be considered for appointment); two representatives of the Graduate Faculty; two graduate students; and the Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies as an Ex-Officio member. All faculty members shall be members of the Graduate Faculty.

All of the above members except the Associate Provost shall be voting members. In the absence of the appointed member, a substitute may vote on behalf of that unit.

Included also among Graduate Council membership in a non-voting capacity are the following: Curricular Services; Library Council – Evans; Library - Medical; Office of Graduate and Professional Studies – Associate Provost; Graduate Studies - TAMU Galveston; Office of Graduate and Professional Studies - Representative, Office of Graduate and Professional Studies - Staff, serving as Administrative Assistant.

Graduate Council Members

November 2018 – October 2019 (As of January 24, 2019)

* Indicates non-voting member

Chair, Scott Miller
Vice Chair, Jeffery Hatala
David Reed
Dawn Jourdan
Blease Graham
Kevin Moore
Larry Bellinger
Beverly Irby
Mark Zoran
Harry Hogan
Christian Brannstrom
Kristan Poirot
Warren Zimmer
Susan Dormire
Mansoor Khan
Michael Criscitiello
Dennis Jansen
Charlotte Ku
Graduate Student Representative – Purna Doddapaneni
Graduate Student Representative – Zane Sheehan
Karen Butler-Purry *
Sandra Williams *
Paula Sullenger *
Arwen Meador *
Nicole Kinslow *
LaRhesa Johnson*
Russell Ramirez*

Graduate Operations Committee (GOC)

The Graduate Operations Committee serves as an advisory body to the Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies.  It focuses primarily on operations and procedures regarding administration of graduate education throughout the University.  The Graduate Operations Committee serves as a forum for the Associate Deans in each College to discuss issues/concerns of an operational nature, and to recommend procedures, which are as uniform as possible across Colleges, to resolve these issues/concerns.  The Graduate Operations Committee works very closely with the Graduate Council to coordinate all curriculum and policy issues.  It also works closely with the Academic Operations Committee to consider recommendations concerning operations and procedures.  Each academic College is represented on the Graduate Operations Committee by the Associate Dean (or other named individual) responsible for graduate studies in that college. 

Graduate Operations Committee Members

(September 2018 - August 2019)

Karen Butler-Purry
Larry Bellinger
Cole Blease Graham
Christian Brannstrom
Robert Burghardt
Shannon Deer
Purna Doddapaneni, GPSC President
Maria Escobar-Lemmons
Harry Hogan
Beverly Irby
Dawn Jourdan
Mansoor Kahn
Charlotte Ku
Debra Matthews
Antonietta Quigg
Dave W. Reed
Ivan Rusyn
John O. Spengler
Amy Waer
Mark Zoran

College Committees on Graduate Instruction

Responsible for making recommendations concerning graduate course offerings, general policies on graduate instruction and for other matters pertaining to graduate studies in each college.

Committees on Graduate Instruction

Agriculture and Life Sciences

David W. Reed, Chair
Spencer Behmer
Morgan Farness
Mary Bryk
Craig Coates
Sandun Fernando
Del Gatlin
Dirk Hays
Patricia Klein
David Leatham
Georgianne Moore
Wes Osburn
Corliss Outley
James Petrick
Tracy Rutherford
Victoria Salin 
Won Bo Shim
Dorothy Shippen
Loren Skow
Michel Slotman
Wayne C. Smith
Stephen Talcott
Pete Teel
Dawn Kerstetter


Leslie Feigenbaum, Chair
Dawn Jourdan
Phil Lewis
Barbara Klein
Shelley Holliday
Nancy Klein
Shelley Smith
Eric Bardenhagen
Ann McNamara
George Rogers
Dave Wentling
Katie Reed

Bush School of Government

Blease Graham, Chair
Gregory Gause
Deborah L. Kerr
Ren Mu
Lori Taylor

Mays Business School


Duane Ireland, Chair
Cindy Devers
Alina Sorescu
Hwagyun Kim
Nathan Sharp
Chelliah Skrisandarajah

MBA, Executive MBA and Professional MBA

Arvind Mahajan, Chair
Bala Shetty
Mary Lea McAnnaly
Ramanathan, Suresh
Devers, Cynthia


Shannon Deer, Chair
Cydney Donnell
Steve McDaniel
Michael Shaub
Ron Chandler
Veronica Stilley


Larry Bellinger, Chair
Robert Ausburger
Yi-Shing (Lisa) Cheng
Seok Hwan (Aaron) Cho
Carolyn Kerins
Madhu (Matt) Nair
Likith Reddy
William Stenberg
Kathy Svoboda
Larry Tadlock
Peggy Timothé
Amirali Zandinejad

Education and Human Development

Beverly J. Irby , Chair
Marlene Dixon
Lizette Ojeda
Khalil Dirani
Patrick Slattery

College of Engineering

Harry Hogan, Chair
Diego Donzis
John Valasek
Sandun D. Fernando
Roland Kaunas
Arul Jayaraman
Victor Ugaz
Yunlong Zhang
Duncan M. “Hank” Walker
Scott Miller
Jiang Hu
Jorge Leon
Bharani Nagarathnam
Alfredo Garcia
Timothy Jacobs
Michael Demkowicz
Pavel Tsvetkov
Jeffrey Falzarano
Jenn-Tai Liang


Christian Brannstrom, Chair
Mark E. Everett
John R. (Rick) Giardino 
Inci Güneralp
Istvan Szunyogh
Chrissy Stover Wiederwohl 

College of Law

Charlotte Ku, Chair
William Byrnes
Milan Markovic
Mark Burge
Terri Helge

Liberal Arts

Maria Escobar-Lemmon, Chair
Lori Wright
Kristan Poirot
Silvana Krasteva
Sally Robinson
Esther Quintana
Lorien Foote
David Donkor
Kenneth Easwaran
Matthew Fuhrmann
Takashi Yamauchi 
Holly Foster
Harland Prechel

College of Medicine

Warren Zimmer, Chair
Marquita Adrian
Jordyn Michalik (GSO Student Representative)
Jiyayi Lu (GSO Student Representative)
Andrea Trache
Ryang H. Lee
Julian Leibowitz
Cynthia A. Lewis
Cynthia Meininger
Margie Moczygemba
David J. Reiner
Ava Brozovich (MD/PhD Student Representative)
Jun Wang
Robbie Watson
Gregg Wells
Emily Wilson
Ursula Winzer-Serhan
Debbie Lynn
Amy Waer

School of Public Health

Szu-hsuan (Sherry) Lin, Chair
Bernard Appiah, Vice Chair
Robert Garcia
Angela Clendenin


Mark J. Zoran, Chair
Peter B. Howard
Jianhua Huang
Rene Garcia
Christian Hilty
Joseph H. Ross

Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Michael Criscitiello, Chair
Cristine Budke
Noah Cohen
Scott Dindot
Dana Gaddy
Christine Heaps
Charles Long
Chris Seabury
Jörg Steiner

Texas A&M University Galveston Campus

Antonietta Quigg, Chair
Anna Armitage
Timothy Dellapenna
Frederic Pearl
Wesley Highfield
Joan Mileski
Jay Rooker