Leadership - Minor

The university-level leadership minor provides students the skills and knowledge needed to become leaders demonstrated by an ability to apply ethical frameworks to varied settings and situations, respect others, and do what is right even if it is more difficult. The minor in leadership focuses on leadership practice with a grounding in leadership theory. Thus, the minor’s 15 credit hour curriculum consists of six hours of foundational courses in leadership theory, six hours of practice-focused courses that allow students to develop depth or breadth in areas that support their professional goals, a three hour capstone experience that requires a leadership practicum, and a required reflection. Undergraduate Studies’ units have modified services available to students enrolled via distance education, at branch campuses, or at other instructional locations.

Foundational Courses
Select 6 hours from the following:6
Introduction to Leadership
Personal Leadership Education
Survey of Leadership Theory
Leadership and Management I
Contemporary Moral Issues
Fundamentals of Peer Leadership
Fundamentals of Intentional Leadership
Introduction to Leadership in Sport Organizations
Depth and Breadth Courses
Select 6 hours from the following:6
Air Force Leadership Studies
Air Force Leadership Studies
Team Learning
Leadership of Volunteers
Cultural Pluralism in Agriculture
Applied Ethics in Leadership
Leading Change
Special Topics in...
Group Communication and Discussion
Interpersonal Communication
Organizational Communication
Communication Leadership and Conflict Management
Intercultural Communication
Communication and Cultural Discourse
Organizational Development
Principles and Practices of Leadership in Human Resource Development and Technology Management
Conflict Management and Dialogue
Leadership Development
Tactics and Leadership Theory I
Tactics and Leadership Theory II
Adaptive Leadership and Tactical Operations I
Adaptive Leadership and Tactical Operations II
Ethics and Engineering
Psychology of Culture and Diversity
Organizational Psychology
Conflict and Negotiation
Industrial Sociology
Sociology of Organizations
Social Psychology
Workshop in Leadership Education
Workshop in Leadership Education II
Seminar in Executive Leadership
Application of Leadership Skills in Sport Organizations
Capstone Courses3
Select 3 hours of the following:
Public Leadership Development
Advanced Professional Leadership Development
Directed Studies in Agricultural Leadership Development 1
Directed Studies 1
Leadership and Ethics
Seminar in Executive Leadership II
Directed Studies 1
Capstone 1
Reflection Course0
Choose one 0-credit course: 2
Directed Studies in Agricultural Leadership Development 1
Directed Studies 1
Directed Studies 1
Directed Studies 1
Total Semester Credit Hours15

Must make a grade of C or better is required in all courses. A grade of S cannot be used to meet the program requirements.

Courses used to fulfill requirements of the leadership minor may not be used to fulfill area of concentration requirements for university studies degrees.

At least 6 credit hours must be completed in residence at the 300-400 level.