Master of Laws in Cross-Border Advocacy

The Master of Laws in Cross-Border Advocacy degree program curriculum includes an introductory course on U.S. law and a three-credit-hour capstone writing requirement. Elective courses will be developed in the following subject matter areas— Corporate Transactions and Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Technology Law, and International Commercial Arbitration and Mediation. Students may choose their coursework to complete the degree from among these electives. With all of the elective coursework, the focus will be on U.S., Indian, and international law in these subject-matter areas.

India has a large population of high-caliber, English-speaking lawyers who are prime candidates for our ML program. There is demand for the proposed ML degree program from highly-qualified legal professionals who do not have the ability to absent themselves from their current employment for a year of study in the U.S. This audience includes not only practicing lawyers, but also judges, corporate counsel, and academics. There are few (if any) other U.S. law schools that offer an online ML degree program targeted to those in (or connected with) the Indian market, and none of those law schools are in Texas.

This program is also approved for delivery via asynchronous or synchronous distance education technology.