Chemistry - 5-Year Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Chemistry

The combined degree program enables ambitious and academically talented chemistry majors at Texas A&M University to earn both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree within a period of five years after entering Texas A&M.  The curriculum in the Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science in Chemistry 5-year combined program provides a comprehensive, solid foundation in all of the major branches of chemistry, including undergraduate research. Undergraduate chemistry research activities involve substantial use of modern scientific techniques and equipment, including major instrumentation. The student involved in this activity also gains considerable insight into the profession by means of substantial individual contact with chemistry department faculty. Students in this program pursue electives in science and related fields that provide a measure of flexibility to develop expertise in areas complementary to chemistry. Among the various advantages of the program, upon its completion a student will be in an exceptionally strong position to enter:

  • the professional industrial job marketplace;
  • a career in educational technology, science policy, or science communication;
  • a doctoral program in chemistry, or in a related discipline, particularly at international institutions that require an MS for admission.