Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture

The PhD in Architecture provides students with the tools, resources, and access to faculty expertise essential to creating, developing, and disseminating new knowledge relevant to architecture and related areas of focus. Working closely with faculty whose research expertise includes a broad array of disciplines, students who pursue the PhD in Architecture at Texas A&M University identify and address gaps in existing bodies of scholarly and professional knowledge pertaining to architecture as an academic discipline, as a professional practice, and as a form of cultural production.

Departmental members of the Texas A&M University Graduate Faculty work individually and collaboratively to guide doctoral research in architecture, sharing their respective professional and scholarly fields' disciplinary expertise to establish a climate in which scholarship and creativity can flourish. In its long and distinguished history, the PhD program in Architecture at Texas A&M University has produced graduates whose contributions to academia and the architecture profession are numerous and wide‐ranging.

Curricular requirements of the PhD in Architecture program comprise a core of required coursework and elective courses taught within the Department of Architecture, supplemented with courses from other departments in the College of Architecture, and from other departments, colleges, and schools across the university. The PhD in Architecture prepares graduates for careers in academe, industry, government, non‐governmental organizations, and independent and institutionally supported research.

Steps to Fulfill a Doctoral Program