Master of Science in Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications

Master of Science (MS) – Thesis Option

The thesis option Master of Science degree program is a campus-based research-oriented degree program. The program requires the completion of at least 32 credit hours. Coursework typically consists of 18 credit hours taken in the department; 3-4 of these hours will be credited for the thesis, and up to 12 credit hours of coursework may be completed in a supporting field(s) of interest. 

Coursework in the supporting fields in the MS thesis option may be in any academic area that contributes to a students’ career objectives. Examples include agricultural leadership, agricultural communications, change management, extension education, international agricultural development, research methods, and sociology. Students may obtain employment in a variety of professions, such as sales professionals, extension educators, communications specialists, international agriculture development specialists, program managers or producers, instructional design specialists, and youth specialists.

Master of Science (MS) – Non-Thesis Option

The non-thesis option is a campus based degree program requiring the completion of at least 36 credit hours. Students whose career objectives are concerned with formal or informal education in agriculture may seek the Master of Science non-thesis option: e.g., teaching agricultural sciences, working as an Extension educator, working in sales, in leadership and natural resource management professional roles, in training and development, in instructional design, international agricultural development, or youth development. The coursework typically consists of 21 to 24 credit hours in the department and up to 15 credit hours of coursework may be completed in support areas. 

All students completing either degree program option must complete a residence requirement. More information about this residency requirement can be found on the Additional Requirements tab

In addition to the program requirements required by the Graduate and Professional School, each student is recommended to complete four courses as part of their degree program to gain content knowledge and skills:

Information regarding our programs and the application process may be obtained from the Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications website

Steps to Fulfill a Masters Program