Environmental Geoscience - 5-Year Bachelor of Science and Master of Water Management in Water Management and Hydrological Science

The combined program offers motivated and exceptional students the opportunity to achieve aspirations in an efficient program at Texas A&M, completing the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in the Environmental Geosciences program and the Master of Science (MS) in the Water Management and Hydrological Science (WMHS) program in 5 years. The concurrent degree program will enable these motivated students to coordinate the required BS and MS coursework to complete the required credit hours for each degree within 5 years without diminishing scope or quality of work.

The BS degree in Environmental Geosciences embraces all the disciplines of geosciences to give the student a rigorous interdisciplinary education including issues associated with environmental policy. The degree trains students for employment by industry, environmental and engineering consulting firms, non-governmental organizations, and governmental regulatory agencies, among other entities. Students focus coursework in a particular environmental theme: coastal and marine environments, water, human impact on the environment, climate change, or biosphere. The Water Management and Hydrological Science (WMHS) program takes an interdisciplinary approach to provide students with strong technical skills in disciplines relevant to water resources. Students develop a broad understanding of hydrology and the interconnectedness of the biophysical and social sciences in water management to improve the reliability and quality of water resources for human well-being and development.