Global Studies - BA

The Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies (GLST) is a humanities-oriented major emphasizing cultural literacy. The major in GLST prepares students to take on global challenges in a workforce that needs people who can speak with nuance, clarity, and confidence about social and cultural issues at home and abroad. Career paths include careers in education, international development, non-profit agencies and NGOs, translating and interpreting, public relations and marketing, government service, international law, international business, and research. 

The study of languages and culture are the foundations of the GLST curriculum. Courses focus on making connections across human and natural systems, and how people experience the cultures they live in. Course topics emphasize how literature, films, new media, arts, and built environments convey values; ideas that shape the world; and how people, communities, languages, and cultures circulate around the globe. A study abroad experience and language fluency are part of the GLST curriculum.