Plant and Environmental Soil Science - BS, Crops Emphasis

Curriculum in Plant and Environmental Soil Science is administered by the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences. Students following this curriculum develop and utilize basic scientific knowledge to understand the most fundamental resources—plants, soils, and water—and the interaction of these resources in different environmental settings. The required courses provide an essential foundation in several disciplines, while the elective courses can be selected to meet the interests, needs and objectives of individual students.

Based on professional goals and objectives, students majoring in Plant and Environmental Soil Science will select an emphasis in crops or soil and water. The crops emphasis focuses on the principles of production, management, marketing and use of fiber, forage, grain, biofuel and oilseed crops. The graduate in Plant and Environmental Soil and Science with a crops emphasis may choose a career in: education such as consulting, extension, or public relations, or in production agriculture such as biofuel or seed production, farming, or farm management.

Flexible curricula are provided so that each student, in consultation with their academic advisor, can design a degree program that best serves the student’s career objectives.